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Sabine’s New House

Sabine’s New House

Full Scale Influencer Management Engagement

Sabine’s New House is an innovative thought leader around smart, healthy, and green home building. The endeavor seeks to educate and inform consumers, builders, designers, architects and realtors about the real implications of some of the most innovative trends in modern home construction.

Cora+Krist was engaged by founder Sabine H. Schoenberg to create this innovative multi-media platform. The project includes an engaged social community via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. Editorial content that covers innovations in home building is distributed on the website as well as through online news platforms like Apple News and Flipboard. Video content is the main focus of Sabine’s New House and includes the main series that follows the build of an innovative home with all the latest smart, healthy and green technologies and products. Other micro-series capture how-to’s, latest news, and other related content points.

To manage this multi-faceted influencer, Cora+Krist actively promotes via social media, email marketing, and digital public relations. We also provide business development support and brand relationship support to capitalize on monetization opportunities for this influencer platform.


Business Planning
User Experience
Visual Design
Branding & Logo Design
Website Development


Logo Design & Branding

Website Design & Development

Video Production / Content Strategy

As part of our effort to build a viable influencer channel around Sabine’s New House, we engaged in developing and producing video and editorial content that filled various needs for brands and products interested in working with the platform.

From the first season of Sabine’s New House which tracked the building of a home packed with smart, healthy, and green innovations, to the Ideas For Your Home and Smart. Healthy. Green. News programs, Sabine’s New House presented amble opportunities to drive influence and audience interaction.

Audience Engagement

Cora+Krist’s team helps to manage content not only on the platforms, but what is shared and leveraged across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest helping to drive engagement and community growth with over 40,000 followers.

Engage with Sabine’s New House

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Collateral Design & Development

To effectively drive the business needs of an influencer, you need collateral that captures important information and presents the business case to engage and invest. Here are just some of the pieces created to drive these efforts.